Sis. Jacqueline Epoto Lobe

Feb 28, 2013

Born in 1968, Sis Jacky Lobe became Born Again in 1987. She was a committed Sunday School Teacher during her active years. She got married to Bro. Parfait in 1987. In early 2000, she became hypertensive and probably developed some early kidney problems alongside. But because of lack of funds and no proper follow up (both her and her husband were jobless), her situation deteriorated to severe chronic hypertension with the highest BP ever recorded (300/ 120), severe chronic kidney failure and incidents of coma.

Then came Tacc-friends International through Bro. Ebune, the Liaison Officer for Littoral, in February 2013 with financial assistance to help her consult a Nephrologist at one of the best hospitals here in Cameroon (i.e., Hopital General de Douala).

The follow up started very well, though at one point the Nephrologist told me that this is one of the most difficult cases of hypertension that she has encountered in her practice as a specialist. This she said at the point when she was already prescribing Sis Jacky all the 5 classes of anti-hypertensive medications and also because it took her more than two weeks to try to stabilize her BP.

But since the kidneys were already too damaged as proven by various lab tests, she started to prepare Sis. Jacky’s mind for dialyses. But sister resisted this last option even after all the explanations I gave her with the help of 2 videos that Sis Gloria Ngwendson and the TACC-Friends Health Committee sent for that purpose. Finally, with much persuasion from Rev. Obi, the husband, Elder Kenmogne Emmanuel and I, as we saw her deteriorating, she accepted.

An emergency catheter was installed and dialysis started with good effect in terms of disappearance of all the terrible swellings, extreme tiredness, etc. At one point she was hospitalized because of severe dialysis hang overs. She responded so well and started walking on her own.

However, on the 20th of October 2013, in the afternoon she was like getting into coma but regained consciousness. Her husband told me that day after all their discussions with her she entered into speaking in tongues until she finally gave up sometime around 2 am on October 21st well attended. Brethren came, sang, dance ‘enmasse’.

She was buried on Saturday October 26, 2013. During the funeral service Bro. Parfait spoke so much to the hearing of all and sundry of what tacc-friends had done to assist his family starting with himself in the opening of his first ever workshop after some twenty-five years since he studied that trade and has been jobless. He lacked words to show his appreciation to tacc-friends.

Finances: Total money put in by tacc-friends for a follow up of Jacky’s health was 1 752 379 FCFA. The money was spent on weekly consultations to the Nephrologist, lab tests, various combinations of prescribed HBP and pain medications, catheter installation, her burial, etc. Excel sheets have been submitted to the president with all the expenses. Please watch the following video for an appreciation from Bro. Parfait. Watch the video.


L O for Tacc-Friends International

Littoral, Cameroon

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