Deacon Mbah Roland (February 2024)

Feb 28, 2024

The case of Deacon Mbah from The Apostolic Church Azire, Bamenda NWR, presented to the Charity Committee in February 2024. Deacon Mbah is a father of 6 children who was shot from behind by military personels in Bamenda in 2023 and has since undergone two amputation surgeries on his right leg and one finger.  As a result of this unfortunate happening, Mr. Mbah has been unable to continue his bike riding job to help sustain his family.  The Charity committee was able to assist Deacon Mbah’s family with 200,000 frs to help boost the retail business he recently started from other donations to help provide for his family and also a business mentor to follow up and mentor him to success. Here’s a video of his appreciation: https://youtu.be/TEGSl644SXY?si=YKTu9LfRCFa90Z2O

Other Beneficiaries

Arrey Bright (December 2022)

Arrey Bright (December 2022)

The case of brother Bright presented to the committee in December 2022. Br Bright is a widower raising two girls who recently lost his job due to his health condition. He suffers from chronic Diabetes and Hypertension which has led to sores on his feet. He had a fall...

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