Eseka Disaster Relief Project

Oct 31, 2016

In the wake of the train accident hat happened in Cameroon in Eseka on Friday October 21, TACC-Friends International like many organizations and churches prayed and still is praying for our nation. We also launched a donation to support victims of Eseka. The original intention was to give care packages to victims. As we learned more about the incident, it became evident that it was difficult to track victims. By God’s grace, Rev. Amah Innocent contacted us with information about one of the victims named: Forcham Anye Ulrich who is an orphan and a member of his church in Dakar, Yaounde. Bro Ulrich is 28 years old. He lost his father in 2001; mother in 2006. He is a 3rd year student at the National Advanced School of Post and Telecommunications. He still has 2 years left to finish his program. He miraculously survived the Eseka train accident but had deep wounds on both hands and on the leg. We learned that the government of Cameroon is taking care of his medical bills after the accident but he had academic needs. Bro Ulrich mentioned that Rev Amah has been assisting him with feeding, sometimes rents and fees since 2011.  The final amount donated and sent to Cameroon by the Charity Fund and TACC-Friends members was $580.57. 

Other Beneficiaries

Deacon Mbah Roland (February 2024)

Deacon Mbah Roland (February 2024)

The case of Deacon Mbah from The Apostolic Church Azire, Bamenda NWR, presented to the Charity Committee in February 2024. Deacon Mbah is a father of 6 children who was shot from behind by military personels in Bamenda in 2023 and has since undergone two amputation...

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