Elder Andreas Muluh

Nov 30, 2014

Elder Andreas is from Pinyin village in the North West region of Cameroon. He is 62 years old and has a wife with seven children, four females and three males. He lives in New Bell Quarter in Bamenda with the family. The first son is married and is a taxi driver in town. Two of the daughters are also married, one a seamstress and the other jobless. For the other two females, one is a school dropout and the other, a student nurse in the university. For the other two males, one is a university graduate who desires to either get into a professional school or to do a Master’s degree program but no finances to do so and the last one is a motor cycle rider in town. The wife sells cooked food precisely Koki beans.

Elder was a night watch at TACC head quarter in the North West (Ntamulung Bamenda). On the 17th of November 1999, when armed robbers invaded the church premises, elder Andreas received a life bullet in his spine which rendered him paralyzed. Presently, the bullet is still in his spine because the precise position where it is found is dangerous to be operated upon. He has been on the wheel chair for 15 years and the livelihood of the family depends on the Koki business of the wife and 40,000 FRS he receives monthly from social insurance. The family lives in a three bedroom house paying rents and electricity about 23000 FCFA monthly.

As I discussed with him, he expressed the following needs and is pleading with TACC-Friends to assist him:

– A tricycle which could facilitate his mobility especially to fellowship with brethren in the house of God (the church)

– Before the unfortunate incident occurred; he had acquired a piece of land which is still unconstructed till date. He is pleading that if a small house can be constructed on this piece of land, it will relieve his wife from the stress of house rent which is a major challenge to him.

As Bro. Julius suggested (to expand his wife’s business since it may not be possible to build him a house at this point), I talked with elder’s wife and she told me that the major challenge she has with her business is insufficient capital. The cost of the Koki beans fluctuates so if she has enough capital she will buy enough and store when the beans is cheap so that when it becomes expensive she will not need to buy and so will make more profit.

I went to Mbingo Baptist Hospital on 11/14/14 to enquire on the tricycle for Elder Muluh Andreas. There, I realized the hospital has a unit that produces several equipment to assist patients and those with special needs including tricycles. They accepted to produce a tricycle for elder Muluh at a cost of one hundred and sixty thousand (160, 000) Francs CFA. I have placed a command for one. 

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