Anonymous recipient (August 2022)

Aug 31, 2022

The case of a TACC-Friends Sister who prefers to stay anonymous who sustained a lower back injury while at work in the US on September 2021. After 3 months of medical treatment and therapy, there was no relief. She later lost her job 6 months into the injury and was unable to continue medically or therapy. As of August 2022, she had accrued a debt of at least $3000 and needed assistance in finding a job or business that could accommodate her condition. Through the Charity Committee, TACC-FRIENDS was able to raise $2000 to help her recover from most of her debts and she received a $4000 scholarship from a TACC-FRIENDS Entrepreneur to be trained as a Cyber Security Operation Center Analyst. It is anticipated that it will give her a less stressful job after 3 months of training. Sister extends her gratitude to TACC-Friends for stepping up to help a sister in need.

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