Florence Ani Akum

Dec 31, 2015

I am Ani Akum Florence age 33. I live in Buea South West Region of Cameroon. I got born again about the age of 11 in the Sunday school at Great Soppo Apostolic Church and now a communicant fellowshipping with The Apostolic Church Bakweri Town assembly. By the grace of God I have always serve as a help minister in the Church.

I am a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Banking and Finance from the University of Buea. I graduated since 2008. I also did a brief study on Entrepreneurship and Businesses Development at Pan African institute for Development Buea in the year 2011. I have dropped applications for jobs in different places but often get rejected when they realize I can’t communicate well due to hearing difficulties. Other times I would be employed but will not be able to do what is expected of me because of lack of ability to communicate with others. I’ve had personal businesses but still not able to excel in it because of the same difficulties. I found it difficult to match up with my competitors so I failed in the business.

I face difficulties in hearing and vision. My right ear hears about 25% and left ear hears about 70% while my eyes see about 70% each. After moving from one hospital to another within Cameroon I was asked to get hearing aids from the hospital while for the eyes some doctors suggested surgery but we had spent so much money and could no longer continue.

In Douala the hearing aids cost 490, 000 frs for one and 980.000frs for a pair and the batteries that last for eight hours is 200frs each. I am requesting for help from TACC-Friends to get a pair of hearing aids and if possible some batteries. I will also be grateful if you can assist me with some money to follow up with the doctor on my eyes.

I went through untold difficulties at the university, before I could pass my courses and graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. But I can’t interact in the society and grow my own business without at least a hearing aid. With your help I will be able to interact better and thus sell myself in the job market, create some businesses that will help employ some of our brethren at home who are jobless and also above all better advance the kingdom of our God.


[TACC-Friends spent $350 for a set of hearing aid and accessories.]

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