Cletus Tabot Enow 

Nov 30, 2015

Bro. Cletus Tabot Enow of TACC Makata in Muyuka in the SW Region of Cameroon was a plantain farmer before he suffered from two kidney failures. Since then, he has been unable to perform his farming activities. Bro Cletus is also anemic and was being transfused two pints of blood every two weeks due to chronic renal failure. Due to his critical condition, the doctors in Buea referred him to Yaoundé for proper treatment. Bro. Cletus was unable to proceed to Yaoundé because of financial constraints.

TACC-Friends helped Bro. Cletus with 276,000 FCFA ($501) in November 2015 and it was spent by December 6 as follows:

– Dialysis catheters placement and tests performed=200,000frs

– Three dialyses sessions=30,000frs

– Coveram medication for Blood Pressure=17600

– Malaria pills=6,000

– Drugs for Infection=14,000frs

– Miscellaneous i.e. food items bought and transportation=10,000frs

Total: 277,000frs

On December 6, 2015, TACC-Friends sent 587,055 FCFA ($1067). The money was spent on weekly dialysis, dialysis catheter replacement, medications, and a reference trip to Yaoundé for fistula installation. By January 31, 2016, the money had been spent.

For the months of February, March, April and May 2016, it was estimated that Bro Cletus was going to need 628,400 FCFA ($1142). TACC-Friends sent him this amount also. Altogether, Br Cletus was assisted with a total of about $2710. TACC-Friends also assisted his wife with 650 000 FCFA ($1181) to restart her business which had been accidentally destroyed by fire. She was to start the business from June 2016, after recovery from a left leg fracture. She was to continue to support the family and her husband’s treatment with the profit she made from the business.

The video links below have some information regarding this case:  Video 1  and Video 2 

Presented by:

Elder Ashu Mfaw (LO for the South West Region) and Elder Ebune Philip (LO for Littoral)

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