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Welcome to TACC-Friends

TACC-Friends International is made up of children of The Apostolic Church Cameroon (TACC) in Africa, as well as Friends who bought our vision; hence the name TACC-Friends. We are a 501(c)3 organization based in the USA, and have branches in the United Kingdom, Thailand and Canada.

2022 National Convention

Theme: "Gaining New Grounds"
Scripture: Isaiah 43:19
Dates: Thursday May 26 - Sunday May 29, 2022 (Monday May 30 is Memorial Holiday)
Venue: 4808 Prince Georges Ave, Beltsville MD 20705


Fellowship - Spiritual Growth - Charity

Vision Statement

Creating fellowship, promoting spiritual growth and doing charity.

Mission Statement

To provide a fellowship of spiritually growing & charitably active sons and daughters of TACC (The Apostolic Church Cameroon) & their sympathizers; reducing spiritual backsliding in the diaspora and supporting and encouraging brethren in distress in the church in Cameroon.

TACC-Friends Sisters
TACC-Friends Sisters are delighted to have a Conference Call of their own where they dial in to discuss sisterly issues. This Conference Call holds once on the last Sunday of every month, on the same conference line as the General Assembly. It is a forum led by sisters, for sisters to freely discuss pertinent issues that affect our spiritual growth and well being.

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Sisters of TACC-Friends

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